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Face Masks Are Crucial Now in the Battle Against COVID-19

Starting Monday, April 20, the Government of Canada has announced that all travellers must have a removable non-medical mask or face covering large enough to cover their mouth and nose during their travel through Canadian airports and in-flight.

Government of Canada

“It is becoming increasingly clear that all people should be wearing masks while out in public. Masks are a likely reason why the virus has been better controlled in China, South Korea, Japan, and other countries.”

Dr.Subinoy Das with Healthline

Wearing a non-medical mask or face covering over the mouth and nose is another way to prevent your respiratory droplets from contaminating others or landing on surfaces. 

Public Health Agency Of Canada

"Another part of getting to the new normal is continuing to stop the spread of the virus, and to do that I am issuing an Executive Order that says all people in public must wear a mask or face covering."

Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of New York
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