Moldex® 1511 N95 Healthcare Respirator & Surgical Mask

Moldex 1511 Small N95 Canada Instock


Moldex® 1511 N95 Healthcare Respirator & Surgical Mask

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  • Both a Healthcare N95 Respirator and a fluid resistant ASTM Level 3 surgical mask (latex free)
  • Collapse-resistant Dura-Mesh® shell
  • Color-coded sizes, easy to fit and a BFE >99.9 %
  • NIOSH-Approved Surgical N95 Respirator TC-84A-0013

  • FDA 510k Number: K061859 & K062663


DURA-MESH® SHELL LASTS LONGER The exclusive Dura-Mesh shell protects the filter media so it stays cleaner-looking longer. The shell also resists collapsing in hot, humid environments so the respirator holds its shape longer. The result is fewer respirators used and lower costs.

Intended Use

The various models of Moldex Type N95 Healthcare Particulate Respirators and Surgical Masks meet CDC Guidelines for TB Exposure Control within healthcare facilities. These devices are also intended to be worn by healthcare personnel during surgical procedures to protect both the patient and healthcare personnel from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids and particulate material.

The Moldex-Metric Healthcare N95 Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask is designed to help provide respiratory protection for the wearer. This product has been tested and certified by NIOSH as an N95 respirator and as having a filter efficiency level of 95% or greater against particulate aerosols free of oil. It is fluid resistant, disposable and may be worn in surgery or throughout the hospital. This product contains no components made from natural rubber latex.


Surgery, hospitals and healthcare facilities, nurse/hospice care, correctional facilities, police, fire and rescue teams, EMS/EMT, homeless shelters, occupational health facilities, school healthcare offices. Note: For areas with oils present, you must use an R or P respirator


  • Meets CDC guidelines for protection against TB exposure control standards and protection against laser plumes of surgical smoke
  • Bacterial filter efficiency >99.9%
  • Available in 5 color coded sizes
  • Highest ASTM level of fluid resistance (160 mm Hg)
  • Not manufactured with natural rubber latex
  • No need for pre-stretching straps
  • Dura-Mesh® shell resists collapsing in heat and humidity
  • Molded nose bridge seals easily without a metal noseband
  • Facepiece is naturally contoured for less pressure
  • Straps are securely attached so they don’t break at the seal
  • Softspun® lining for increased comfort and durability
  • Soft foam nose cushion for added comfort
  • NIOSH certified to have a filter efficiency of 95% or greater for non-oil based particulates
  • Certified under 42CFR84, Tested in accordance with NIOSH 42 CFR 84
  • Meets heat and flame resistance in accordance with ANSI/ISEA 110-2009 Section 7.11.1
  • 100% PVC-Free, like all Moldex products & packaging - for a greener alternative
  • Passed ASTM F 1862 @ 160mm Hg


  • Before use, a written respiratory protection program in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.134 must be implemented.
  • This respirator does not supply oxygen and must not be used in atmospheres containing less than 19.5% oxygen.
  • Prior to each use, carefully inspect the entire respirator, including filter media and strap attachment area for tears and damage. Staple or strap attachment perforations do not effect NIOSH approval.
  • If respirator is damaged, distorted, a proper fit cannot be obtained or breathing becomes difficult, leave contaminated area as soon as possible and replace respirator.
  • If the respirator comes in contact with blood or fluids, including body fluids, leave contaminated area as soon as possible and discard and replace the respirator.
  • Do not alter, modify or abuse this respirator.
  • Store unused respirators in box/bag in a clean, dry, non-contaminated area.
  • Dispose of respirator according to your employer’s policy and local regulations.
  • Do not reuse or store for reuse or hang around neck unless your employer specifically authorizes reuse.
  • When used for surgical procedures, discard after every use.
  • Use respirator before the “use by” expiration date printed on box/bag.


Model # Description Qty. per Box Qty. per Case
1511 N95 Small 20 Masks 8 Boxes per Case
UNSPSC # 46182002 

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PDF 1500 Datasheet.            PDF Healthcare Datasheet

PDF Fitting Poster.                      PDF CBRN Warning

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