The Peoples Mask

PM 2.5 Polypropylene Face Mask Replacement Filters

Pm2.5 face mask replacement filters 5 layer protection The Peoples Mask

The Peoples Mask

PM 2.5 Polypropylene Face Mask Replacement Filters

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PM 2.5 Polypropylene Melt-blown Face Mask Filters 

Features & Details:

-Graphene free: polypropylene carbon filters do not contain graphene
- Over 99% BFE Bacterial Filtration Efficiency

-99.2% filtration efficiency lab tested for particle matter 2.5
- 60-80 hours of continuous use per disposable filter, so about 5 days if worn an average of 6-8 hours daily 
- Easy insert
- Can be used with THEPEOPLESMASK Adult sized reusable masks or other reusable face masks which have filter pockets.

No filter pocket in your face mask? No problem, you can still insert this polypropylene mask filter into masks that don't have filter pockets or even surgical disposable masks for an extra layer of protection. The meltblown layers are the same material used in medical masks. 

Multi-layer Composition:

2 - Layer Polypropylene Filter Membrane

2 - Layer Non-Woven Melt-blown Filter Membrane

1 - Layer Activated Carbon Filter Membrane

Sizing: one size,  fits adult masks with filter pockets, or can be worn on the inside of any mask including disposable 3-plys. 

Can be cut down to smaller size to fit into children's masks, although we do have kids sized mask filters available also.

Filter dimensions: 12.0cm x 8.2cm (4-3/4” X 3-3/16”)
Standard: GB/T 32610-2016
Style #: PM2.5-FLTR10




Research and Citations

The latest updates on Covid-19

Wearing a non-medical mask or face covering over the mouth and nose is another way to prevent your respiratory droplets from contaminating others or landing on surfaces.

Public Health Agency Of Canada

Transport Canada is making face masks compulsory on all flights and during airport screenings.  From April 20, Transport Canada requires all air travelers to wear face masks while flying and during airport screening.

Government of Canada
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